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About Us

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We are company comprised in connecting the people interested in a service with the best provider available. This way the consumer gets the best solutions for their needs and the leads buyers get a better ROI.

Lead Generation

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Actually we generate our own leads with the highest standards so the buyer knows they are getting realtime leads.

We will soon be opening an affiliate program for site owners with the best quality standards.

Exclusive / Semi-Exclusive Leads

With us you get what you pay, we offer our clients the option of choosing between exclusive or semi-exclusive leads. While other providers leads are sold up to 8 times, you can be certain our semi-exclusive leads are capped at 3 buyers. Exclusive leads are sent only to YOU.

Return Policy

We understand that even with our strict quality controls and filters, you may possibly receive an invalid lead. You can get a full refund in the following cases: 

* The telephone numbers provided are wrong.

* You got a duplicate lead from us.

* The contact didn't fill the form and is not interested in your product.

* The information is all fake.

Lead Verticals

At this moment we are working with the following verticals:

* Auto Insurance

* Health Insurance

* Home Insurance

* Life Insurance

* Payday Loans

* Debt Settlement

* Mortgage

* Auto Loan

* Credit Cards

How to buy our leads

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Soon we will let you know the different ways to access our leads and buy from us. For more information you can contact us at admin@leadsvault.com